Copper Target Materials

Copper is used for a variety of thin film applications including as a conductor material in logic and memory devices.

Tosoh offers Copper targets for all major OEM PVD systems. Targets for all wafer sizes can be made in purities ranging from 4N to 6N. Through control of the target metallurgy, surface finish and assembly technology, Tosoh offers Copper targets that light off easily and provide consistent and repeatable thin films with good particle performance. 

Tosoh’s advanced thermomechanical processing (ATMP) is used to tailor the target crystallographic texture and grain size for applications ranging from ultra-high performance to minimal-cost. 

Since leading PVD processes benefit from high power deposition, Tosoh developed and patented its room temperature FORTE™ bonded target. The unique and robust design ensures that consistent microstructure through the thickness of the sputtering target results in repeatable thin film performance without the risk of debonding.