Tosoh SMD, Inc. Celebrates 30th Anniversary

 Grove City, Ohio – Tosoh SMD, Inc. (Tosoh SMD) The Global Leader in Target Technology™ is proud to be celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2018.

It was 1988 when Tokyo-based Tosoh Corporation (TYO: 4042), the parent company of the multi-billion dollar Tosoh Group, purchased the Specialty Metals Division of Varian Associates. At the time, the company was still operating in a small building in downtown Grove City. Now known globally as Tosoh SMD, the company is based on the north side of Grove City on a campus comprising 376,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space. Tosoh SMD’s Grove City campus has grown to accommodate not only its own expanding facilities and capabilities, but also that of other Tosoh Group members: Tosoh America, Inc., Tosoh’s North American regional headquarters; Tosoh USA, Inc., a sales and marketing office; as well as facilities for Tosoh’s bioscience-related business. Tosoh SMD will soon commence construction of the 6th expansion of the campus in order to support our growing business.

Tosoh SMD’s international operations include subsidiary manufacturing facilities in Korea and China, and sales staff positioned around the world. Backed by Tosoh Corporation, Tosoh SMD is part of Tosoh’s Advanced Materials Division whose global network provides such specialty products as silica glass, zeolites, fine ceramics and manganese dioxide.

Over the last 30 years, Tosoh SMD has contributed much to the world’s fundamental understanding of the effects of target metallurgy on physical vapor deposition (PVD) thin-film processes. In many cases we have led the way. Industries like semiconductor (computer chip manufacturing), OLED (organic light-emitting diodes for cell phone and camera displays), FPD (flat-panel displays for TV’s and monitors) and additive manufacturing (3-D printing) continue to challenge us daily. Meeting those challenges requires that we keep up with technology and our customers’ ever-changing material needs. We are routinely expanding our product portfolio to include newly created high-purity metals, metal alloys and powders.

The industry has changed dramatically in the last 30 years. It has both challenged us and inspired us. We have adapted well and will continue to prosper through investments in employees, equipment, research and development. We expect that the next 30 years will be even better.

Working closely to lead and support the Tosoh SMD team is its executive management team comprising Jan Top, CEO; Joseph Buckfeller, President and COO; Hideki Ohno, Vice President of Corporate Strategy; Eugene Ivanov, Chief Technology Officer; Lori Throndsen, Director of Operations; Lora Thrun, Director of Engineering and Jason Gavula, Director of Sales and Marketing. We all share the common goal of total customer satisfaction. In partnership with our customers we will develop Tomorrow’s Technology Together.

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About Tosoh SMD, Inc.

Tosoh SMD, headquartered in Grove City, Ohio and has additional facilities in Taiwan, Korea, and China. This Tosoh Group subsidiary is a leading provider of thin film deposition materials and of solutions to manufacturers in the semiconductor, display, solar, and large-area coating markets. It is a member of Tosoh Corporation’s Advanced Material Division. Other offerings of the division include Silica Glass, CVD materials, Zeolite, Zirconia ceramics and Manganese Dioxide.

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